Cassandra is my mom and she has instilled hope in my life in many ways. Words could never express the strength she exhibited. Looking back on her journey shows me that we should always be thankful and even more appreciative of the ability to live life without excuses or complaints. I watched my mom accomplish so many things throughout her life with shortness of breath, bad doctors reports and physical pain. As long as we have breath in our body there is nothing to complain about. I also watched her walk into her purpose in spite of her circumstances. This showed me that we should have no excuses and never settle. Love you mommy 😘

David and Tanya Agee

We got to know Cassandra as little league baseball parents. In little league you spend half of your time at the ball park. Seems like she and Chris were always there at Huffman ball Park working in some way. Cassandra was often the team Mom and she really took care of everybody not just the kids. We never saw her get upset or lose her cool. She was a woman of quiet strength. In her later years even when she was sick, I never heard her complain. Cassandra fought to the end and I know she wasn't ready to leave us but it was her time. So rest in peace Cassandra, no more pain. We'll miss you.


Never met a stronger woman than Cassandra. She endures and always loving ❤ Her beautiful family is proof of her legacy ❤ Love Tarsha Scott

Pauline Woods

This woman preached her own sermon while she was still here, she was a true walking testimony of praise. I never heard her complain about what she was going through. She wore a beautiful smile always. She was a true Proverbs 31 woman, great mother, grandmother, loving wife, as my sister-in-law a great encourager. I can go on and on but she paved the way for so many of us especially women. My sister I love you and will miss you, until we meet again. Pauline