Lord Have Mercy!

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I was not in a service, but I got “full” as some good old church ladies would say. It was their way of expressing themselves when they felt spiritually and emotionally touched by God. Growing up in church gave me an up-close and personal view of what getting “full” looked like. It could be noticed in various ways. Some people would sit quietly with moist eyes, some would tap a foot, some would rock forward and back or side to side in their seat, some would wail, and some would hop up and dance.

But on one particular day I got “full” in an unlikely place, standing in the greeting card section of a store before Father’s Day.I picked up a card and thought it was the one until my eyes were drawn to another. I read that card and tears came to my eyes as I thought of how God blessed me with a great father, a man who loved me and has always had my back since the day I was born. His love made it easy for me to accept God’s love for me and know the kind of man I wanted to marry.

As I arrived at the register to check out, I couldn’t help but tell the clerk of my experience on that aisle. She looked at me and began talking about the great memories of her own father and she got “full.” As she blotted her eyes, I looked around and behind me stood a gray-haired man with a buggy, waiting to purchase his items. I told him that the clerk and I were having a moment, and like a good father he said, “I can see,” as if he understood the gravity of those few seconds. I didn’t know him, but in that moment I imagined that he was someone’s dad, and I wondered if his children were somewhere getting “full” thinking about him. Reflecting on this experience made me realize the effect that a good dad can have on his daughter. But that’s not all. In life we all have a sphere of influence, people we come in contact with on a regular basis and those we meet just once. Are we making a positive influence on their lives? Are people in any way better off having come in contact with us? Wow. It makes me think. When I spend time in God’s presence, I am better. I have more joy and more peace. Problems don’t seem insurmountable. He has that kind of effect. When our Heavenly Father touches us with his love, those around us will benefit. They ought to see us being patient, kind, loving one another, and displaying self-control. He says, “Love each other as I have loved you.” -John 15:12

The truth is we need each other. “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.” –Proverbs 27:17 Who do you get “full” thinking about?

Who gets “full” thinking about you?

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