A Day of Love

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I love my mom dearly and no one could ever replace her. She has done so much for me and taught me so many things over the years. And I’m thankful. However, she would be the first to say that I’m a daddy’s girl.

You see there is just something about daddy love and I’ve been blessed to know it. There’s something about the first man in your life that wants to love and provide for you. The man who longs to protect your heart and desires to give you everything you could ever dream of having.

I’ve watched it with my husband and my daughter, whose original due date was on Valentine’s Day. Thanks to her dad she may have been the youngest infant to receive a big red heart-shaped box of Valentine candy. I sure did enjoy it.

I know this is not the story of many of you, and oh how I wish it were different. I wish you could have experienced that fatherly love as you grew into the woman you are today.

Though that may not be possible now, there’s still hope for receiving love on this holiday and all the days to come.

God’s Love

If you find that you are challenged during this holiday, I want you to know that Father God loves you more than anyone. In fact, God is love. You are the apple of his eye and He has been with you since you’ve been you. And best of all he will never ever leave you or forsake you. Connect with him on a personal level and experience his amazing love.

A Friend ’s Love

Like a child, a true friend’s love is often pure and unconditional. The same is true for someone in whom you’ve invested your time and effort in sharing your love, God’s love with them. They are willing to overlook your faults and love you just the way you are, even if you’re a little “rough around the edges,” because they know that without, you they may not have found the life-giving water of the Word. Connect with others and celebrate a friend’s unconditional love.

Self Love

Lastly, free yourself to be who God created you to be. Forgive yourself for not living up to your unrealistic expectations. Buy yourself the card that speaks to you or the flowers that you’ve been waiting for someone else to give you. Have a candlelight dinner for one or treat yourself to a spa day. You are worth it. You’re a gift to the world, whether anyone else acknowledges it or not. Accept it. Connect with you and understand your true value.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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