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By Cassandra Woods

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Cancer diagnosis. Company downsizing. Financial challenges. These are just a few of the storms that Cassandra, alongside her husband, found herself in. What do you do when you’ve cried out to God, and the only response you can seem to get is silence? What do you do when life throws its worst punches at you?


The answer is simple: You Rise Up!

In this powerfully liberating guide, you will come to see God like you’ve never seen Him before. You will learn to rise above everything that threatens your peace. This must-have book is not only a manual written to encourage you, it’s a revelation-filled guide designed to empower you.

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She Writes for Him: Black Voices of Wisdom

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So glad you stopped by. Here you can purchase autographed copies of the soon-to-be released book,  She Writes for Him: Black Voices of Wisdom.


Twenty inspiring women including Author of Rise Up, Cassandra Woods have come together on the pages of this book to speak their truth through life experiences, hoping to encourage and add some understanding to the conversation about racism. 


The book is scheduled for release on February 26, and will begin shipping after that date. Pre-Order your copy now!


Evident in the joy that emanates from within, there is no doubt that
Cassandra Woods has fallen in love with God. His word has come alive in her life 
as she has walked through multiple challenges, including breast cancer.

Cassandra is an inspirational author and speaker, who is committed to sharing the 
love of Jesus and practical tools, to help others live a successful and fulfilling life. 

She is a gifted communicator, who finds great joy in helping others keep their

peace as they journey toward destiny.

As an Industrial Engineering graduate of Auburn University, Cassandra has worked in

the health and construction industries.

Cassandra and her husband live in Alabama and are parents to four young adults 
and three grandchildren.



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